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Good Morning,

I have not been accepted but I went to their info session back in August. They don’t have rolling admissions per se. Admission responses won’t be sent out until after the 30th (because of the budget restrictions and the Prop 30 and 33 responses). They make admission decisions based on a tiered rating system. They have three tiers and they place applicants in the tiers as they review them. I'm not exactly sure when they begin to notify people of acceptance or rejection. They also said that you only need a 3.0 to apply, but anything above a 3.5 is very competitive and as long as you have a 4 on the AW section of the GRE your safe. GPA is 40% of the admissions process and they look favorably at experience with diverse populations.

I know you asked for information from somebody who got in, but SDSU was my number one school until a few months ago and I did a lot of research and went to alot of information sessions to make myself familiar with the process.

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Give it back? I hadnt officially hit 'submit' yet, and called them and told them I was no longer interested in applying.

When do you have to submit to SDSU by? I'm wondering if there will be a waitlist in case people decide not to accept the offer.

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I was told at an information session that if you applied by February 1st, you would hear by March 1st...  Getting impatient, I called yesterday and they said that we are supposed to hear by April 1st.  I hope that's the case... only one more week of anxiously waiting....

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