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Neuroscience applicants for Fall 2013

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I am completely in shock. I just got my first acceptance and it is to Emory! After getting rejection after rejection I never thought this would happen. It goes to show that just because some schools m

Me too! See you both there

^^ yes about the well known faculty! Maybe Ill just ask for an autograph

Well, looks like there was no need for getting worried. I got my letter from Stanford today. Reject it is. By the way, I saw that someone posted an interview for GPN (Computational Neuroscience) at Boston University today. I'm guessing it was mccamel. Congrats man! By the way, do you know if they're done giving out interview calls or something?


Yes, that was me that posted-- I don't know if they're done giving out invites, but I asked my interviewer how competitive it was and he said that ~30 people would be invited to interview at the BU campus and about 20 would be accepted.  These numbers seemed odd to me since he said that the class size was about 15.  That would mean that ~75% of accepted people actually enroll, which seems very high (isn't it ~50% for MIT or something?).

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Hello everyone! This is the first time I'm posting on gradforum, but I've been reading through this thread and others that have been very helpful and was hoping for some advice..


I applied to 10 neuroscience programs, got rejected from 3 and have not heard from any of the other schools. My PI told me that I might have applied to programs that were too competitive and failed to apply to some safety(?) schools.. (I'm waiting to hear back from U Chicago, Case Western, Vanderbilt, BCM, Emory, U of Rochester and Brown) Does anyone know if these schools are still sending out interview invites?


I've been so anxious and depressed and slightly hopeful all at the same time for the last two months..

If I get rejected from all programs... what should I do?!

I want to eventually work in the industry, in a lab that does research related to drug therapy for autism or neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

And congratulations to everyone who got interviews and acceptances! :)

I have applied for Vanderbilt, BCM, Emory and brown. Just like you, I did not receive any rejection or invites from them. Maybe because I am an international applicant or I am not competitive enough. I am not sure, but at least, you are not alone.

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Need your opinions!!



I just got an email from a professor whom I had a conversation with during the interview weekend (not an official interview but I requested him for a short meeting because he was one of my top choices but I didn't get a chance to interview with him. Anyway the conversation went quite well and we happened to talk for almost two hours).

I just got accepted into the school and he sent me an email with congratulation and saying that he enjoyed talking with me and look forward to seeing me if I choose to attend the school.

Is this a good sign that he is really interested in me? Or is this just a routine, formal email that every student gets after being accepted into school?

How should I reply to his email?

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Need your opinions!!

Of course he is interested in you :) 

I would reply with the same tone as his was - not too excited, just gratitude and politeness.

I just would be sincere - since I am interested in him, then I would say that I enjoyed the conversation too, very glad that I am accepted and look forward to seeing him too. Thanks etc.


Congratulations, btw! 

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I wonder if grad students have any input in the final selection process. Like, if one were to accidentally let slip that a particular school is not your top choice while having drinks with the grad students, would they relay that on to the admissions committee? Especially with personal questions like relationships and family...do we have to think carefully about every single answer we give? I'm scared!

They definitely have a say. I have been a grad student host before. A lot of faculty asked me what I thought of x students. We also got emails to give opinions if people stood out in a bad or good way. Our director one time asked me if prospective x was really interested in the school. He told me he was not, and I told the director when I was asked. He still got acceptance, and he declined as I knew he would.

This probably varies from school and program though. In some schools students have more say than others.

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As suggested on these boards, I sent thank you emails to my interviewers from last weekend and got a response from one saying he thinks I'm a great fit for the program. It may not mean anything, but amidst all the waiting and rejections it's certainly nice to hear.


Congrats to everyone on the interview invites and acceptances!

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Still nothing from MIT BCS?


Last time they said they hoped to send out invitations by the end of last week, but I dont't see any activity here? Or is it just me? :P

They have interviews on March 8th, and I feel that they have sent out all the invites and are now waiting for cancellations.  Very selective applicant pool (less than 5% interviewed).

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