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Thank you so much.



It is the highest ranked program I applied too (and my current school) and I am very excited and feel very privileged to have been offered an admittance.


I just hope I get funding. OSU is such a big and well-funded school that I would be very surprised to not receive funding, especially since I received an admittance this early.



Now I am just waiting to hear from the others so that I can make a choice. I can certainly rest much easier now that I've been accepted though! In fact, I have a paper due tomorrow that I am having an incredibly hard time working on.

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Congrats! Are you talking about OSU Statistics? If so, I got in too :) I spoke to the graduate coordinator who told me that all PhD students will receive funding in some form (TA, RA, fellowship). You may want to talk to them yourself to confirm, but I don't think you should be too worried.

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