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Plans for Summer 2013

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Hi guys!

After spending so much money on application fees, sending GRE scores, and booking flights to interviews my bank account is pretty pathetic. I wish I could spend my summer relaxing, but I know that I need to make money somehow. What is everyone else planning on doing this summer?

I have seen some lab internships and summer camp jobs that seek Psychology graduates, but the thought of writing more essays, asking for more LORs, and competing against more students for summer positions is incredibly stressful, and I am just not sure I can handle more of that right now. Does anyone have suggestions about jobs that pay more than minimum wage, but will not completely ruin my last summer before grad school (assuming that is where I will end up this fall)?

I love working with kids, but I don't have my 90-hour certification or whatever, so teaching opportunities are kind of out the window. I have been considering nannying because I know that would be a relaxing job (I've done it before), and I would absolutely love to be an au pair in France (because I want to brush up on my French and bilingualism is my main research interest). I looked this up on google and I am afraid that all the websites to match you with a family are scams. Anyone know of a decent agency for this that someone you know has actually used?

I know it is a little early to be so panicky about this summer, but last summer I applied to 13 summer research programs and got into none, so I had to search frantically in May for something. I ended up working for Americorps, which was fine and a really life-changing opportunity, but I want something a little more laid-back this summer. 

Thanks for any suggestions you have!

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I work as a skills trainer right now. I dont know about working during the summer through public schools but maybe through an agency? Its a good alternative since I dont have a teaching cert. Dont know if youd consider that as relaxing though lol.

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I used to teach for The Princeton Review...I made a killer amount of money and worked only a few hours a week when I wanted, or volunteered to cover classes and worked many hours when I wanted to....for reference, 5 years ago teaching the SAT I was being paid $32/hour BASE with extra when they overloaded a class with students (I taught a class that got merged with another class because of a flub by a summer 'camp' type thing, so I was making an ungodly amount for the 9 hrs a week I taught that class).  Plus online grading of essays (optional extra work) was $1/essay, and grading took like 2-3 min per essay (they are short), so you could make a ton extra if you can handle reading that much bad writing.

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