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Stanford vs. CMU for computer science

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Everyone I talked to thinks I should pick Stanford because they never knew CMU was a good school before I told them it was.  My best friend is also going to Stanford.  However, CMU has no quals.  How much of a consideration should that be?  How many people actually fail Stanford's quals?


I don't really have a preference for what I want to study but I'm thinking AI.

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Weird! I was about to post this exact same thread in another day or two, but about robotics and for a master's degree.


All of my friends and parents are recommending that I go to Stanford because it's close, has a big name, has good weather, and will look great for finding jobs. On the other hand, all of the people from the robotics place I interned at last summer (who actually know about CMU) suggest I go to CMU, and that it is far better than any other school for CS/robotics. I've heard Stanford has some difficult quals (they aim to make it so that 50% of students pass their first time, and 70% of students pass by their second time).


After all of the research I've done, I'm leaning towards CMU because they have more professors dedicated to the topics I want to study, but it's really hard passing up the name, prestige, weather, and entrepreneurial spirit of Stanford.


In any case, this is the biggest 'first world problem' I think I've ever had.

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