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Who's sitting on no acceptances? Come commiserate

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For Biostat, I have 5 rejections, 1 interview/campus visit (next weekend), and a MS acceptance at a top choice, but funding not decided on until March (without funding, it might as well be a rejection)..... Still waiting on 4 schools, but I'm beginning to freak out a a little bit.

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For Biostat: 1 rejection, three MS with no funding (yet), and 5 waiting. Unfortunately four of the waiting are Vanderbilt, Yale, Brown, and Penn... which really doesn't bode well for me.


For Stats: Waiting on Michigan State, but I anticipate a no-funding MS-PhD offer.


At the urging of my research advisor, I sent out a late app to his alma matter for an applied mathematics PhD. I've done some research with the a member of the adcom, so I would like to think I at least have a shot. The program is stats heavy and I would be quite happy there.


Chin up, everyone. While I, too, am freaking out, the music is still playing, there are plenty of seats left. It isn't even March yet.

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I have 5 rejections, 0 wait lists, and the last school left is Pitt, which I currently attend and had a free application. Between the other 5 schools I spent over $700 applying. I am about 50% ridiculously determined to prove these schools wrong, and about 50% accept failure.

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