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Does this mean i'm on the Waiting list?

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I am happy to inform you that the graduate support committee has shortlisted you for possible admission in our Ph.D. program with funding. I am sure you have heard similar news or even a concrete offer from other schools. At this point, I like to know if you are still interested in our program or not. Assuming your positive answer, please provide me a suitable phone number and time period, in case we need to contact you over phone.

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No. I assume they actually mean 'shortlisted.' They have not yet made a decision, but you are of interest to them. They are basically asking if you still have an interest in their program if they were to make you an offer.

but why there is possible admission? confused


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Uromastyx is right on. For the school, extending an offer to someone who isn't completely committed to their program could tie up one of their admissions slots for weeks and delay them from extending the offer to someone on their waitlist. Just like we'd like to hear back from schools as soon as possible, schools want us to decide quickly, so that their own waitlist doesn't evaporate while those waitlisted students take other offers.


If this is your top choice, let them know. It seems likely that they want to admit you, but they just want some assurance that they're not wasting their time.

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