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Forum Stats for Jan '13

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Hi Guys!


Apologies for the long delay.  Here are the stats for Jan '13.  Thanks for all contributors.


Top 10 Posters

  1. PhDreams 243
  2. EdYouKateOr 224
  3. RubyBright 190
  4. Faraday 187
  5. bluecheese 171
  6. asleepawake 168
  7. Bearcat1 166
  8. DontHate 155
  9. Usmivka 139
  10. Quigley 133

Congrats PhDreams!  Position 10 to 1 in one month, not bad :-)

By the number(s)

In total there were 17,813 posts made this month (13,832 in Jan 2012). There were 510,824 visits, 206,185 Unique Visitors and 2.5M pageviews to the forum.

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