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So what's in the acceptance envelope?

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I haven't gotten a physical envelope, either, but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I'm already here finishing my MA. In my full offer letter, though, they listed the MA courses they are prepared to count toward my PhD (all incoming PhDs with  prior M*s can petition for advanced standing, so this isn't just me), more detailed information about the sources of my funding and my TA requirements, and a breakdown of when they expect me to clear the various hurdles (completing coursework, taking comps and language exams, finishing the dissertation). I had some questions about how the funding would be disbursed, so I talked to the graduate coordinator about it.


When I accepted the offer from the link provided in the electronic application, I automatically got an e-mail about how to log on to the registration system.


This all may be idiosyncratic to my school, but perhaps it is helpful!

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