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Art History/Visual Studies/Material Culture Final Decisions 2013

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Hey all- I've started a google doc so we can anonymously share where we're going/what we're studying, and see how things shook out for everyone. Please follow the link and add your info!



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By the way, in case it's unclear, the google doc is completely anonymous, even though if you're signed into google you may see your own name at the top right corner.  Since no one in particular was invited, everyone will remain anonymous, and no one, including me, will see your name.  Since we've been traveling through this process together, I thought it would be fun to see what schools people decided on, and maybe even connect with people heading to the same program.  The people in the Lit forum have done this as well, so I thought it might be useful for us too!

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It's really great to see so many people in history of art getting into excellent programs. I feel like I'm the odd one out due to the preponderance of film-oriented research interests. 

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