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Still waiting for seven schools....

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 I have received AD from University of Utah's MSCS program. However, I'm still waiting to hear back from UC Boulder, UCIrvine, BU, UFL, U Rochester, Michigan state and  Stony Brook.
I'm starting to get worrried now, anyone has some suggestions....
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Hello! I am still waiting for a decision from UCSD, UCI, Gatech and USC... I have tried contacting them, but no response yet...  :unsure:

It wouldn't be appropriate to send an email again, would it be? My stress level has never reached so high before!  :wacko:  :(

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I'm also in a stressful situation. I'm waiting to hear from, among others, Northwestern (my dream school), but I also have to respond to an offer by April 15th. 


Northwestern tells me that decisions are typically finalized by the end of March, but that some decisions may be made as late as April 15th. I don't know whether it would be good to just wait it out, or to send them an email.

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*If you want a quicker reply, be more proactive and call (probably less feasible if you're overseas) 


Example: UPenn told me that they will post all Masters decisions by end of next week.

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