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What should I do if I signed the PhD acceptance of one university, but recently got a better offer from another university?

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I think that since it's still early for full PhD commitements (deadline April 15th for most schools), I think you should be fine. I would not wait on this though, and if your sure of this other offer, then go for it ASAP!


Just my 2 cents....

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hey im in this exact situation. i asked my mentor and my old university and he told me that we actually can't backout with a big backlash. since it is april that is. IDK if thats true so if someone else knows......

heres my situation:

I accepted and and signed for a university I used to love. however since signing there my PI at that university lost all of his funding and went ballistic. The last two weeks with him were horrible and he ended up making the high school and undergrads cry. I'm worried that he is going to make my life hell....what do you think?

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