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I submitted a small piece for the "On the Square" section of First Things. They didn't take it because I attempted to tackle a large issue in a small format (John Milbank's critique of Duns Scotus). 


Tips? Check your grammar, don't fluff up your paper to meet page requirements or compromise your ideas by parring them down to fit the format (as I did).

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I submitted a book review for publication last year to a small, specialized journal. It was unsolicited. They accepted it because they hadn't had enough coverage of the area I submitted for.

The other journal I submitted to (same piece) sent me a rejection very quickly as they said they had too many of the same type (an assertion I doubt since I receive their journal, but whatever.)

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I submitted a book proposal to Loyola several years back on the advice of a reader of my blog who was an editor there; by the time my proposal was finished and submitted, though, she had moved on. I received a respectful reading and was declined.

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