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NYU ITP vs RCA Design Interactions and Service Design

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Hi all, I'm an international student and have been accepted to both schools in these three programs.


My background is in product design and sociology and was looking for interactive design program at first.


I've read lots of articles about these schools but it's really hard to come up with a conclusion.


For now I think that the main differences between ITP and RCA's DI is that ITP is more technical oriented while DI is more arty. Both program have great reputation and interesting works. I think that the works from ITP are more "realistic" while the works from DI seems to be more like fiction design but is definitely more critical. DI is a much smaller program compares to ITP( 20 vs 100) but from what I heard, ITP have a much better tradition in collaboration than DI.


Also, RCA's new service design program seems interesting, but it's a rather new program with very little information on the internet so it's kinda hard to tell if it's good or bad. I've talked with some students in RCA and they told me what service design do is hardly to be called "design" in the traditional sense.


It would be great if someone can tell me more about these programs and what they think is the best decision.



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