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Any grad psychology students out there?

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Would anyone have any idea what the following symptoms suggest?


- Restless leg

- Before the person falls asleep, excessively twitching leg (every 20 seconds to a minute()

- Excessively thinking out loud (Along the lines of, "right, I was doing X and now I am going to do Y, wait, should I do Z first?)

- Excessively repeating a word (The word "right")

- Changing moods quickly (from happy to rage in 5 minutes)

- Excessively playing with hair

- Lack of empathy (another person is sick, yet the fact is totally ignored as if he or she are faking it) 

- Focusing on the negative side of things

- Focusing on small things that don't always matter (another person is sick yet the person is annoyed by a glass on the table that should have been washed 



This is just a partial list, but I would still appreciate if anyone has any idea...



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Items on a checklist can't be assumed to be attributable to a clinical diagnosis.  Degree and context matter, especially with some of the "symptoms" you've listed.  I don't have a copy of the DSM but I would really caution you against jumping to the conclusion that these behaviors are all caused by the same thing or are even pathological.   This list could indicate simple anxiety or it could indicate that the person does not like their life situation (dealing with another person who is sick.)  It is impossible to say.


If you are worried that this person will do harm to themselves or others, you should seek professional help in person.

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I agree with the above posters... I have seen people try to "diagnose" friends and family members simply because they didn't like specific personality traits of the person, and hoped that they could label it as something that needed to be "fixed." In addition, a suggested diagnosis (which would most likely be inaccurate, since no one on this website has met the person in question or objectively assessed them), also would not provide any constructive treatment options if something is actually wrong. However, if you are truly concerned about the person, you could take them to see the family doctor. He or she should be able to tell you if it is worth going to see a psychologist/psychiatrist or not.

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While I agree with the majority of the replies on here, seeking out psychology "students" is probably as helpful as going on WebMD. You could get a mix of people on the verge of finishing their degree to the verge of starting their degree.

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Not to mention that most psychology students are not clinical students.  I'm in social-health psychology :D


But my advice is also that you can't force anyone to see a clinician/therapist.  You can suggest it.  But if the person responds by yelling and getting angry and refuses to go, then you can't force them unless they are a dependent in your care or a danger to themselves or others.

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