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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Cycle

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In at UPenn. I'm at a loss for words. I'm hoping everyone else who has been shut out so far receives some good news soon (hopefully a few more today who also get into Penn).

That was me.   I've applied for 4 rounds.   Finally.

The really annoying part about all of this is that Pitt is my favorite college for sports, and their really good quarterback recruit just switched his commitment to Vanderbilt.  AND NOW THIS IS HAPPENING REGARDING PITT, TOO. 


Note:  those of you that got into Pitt and go visit MUST get fries at the O.  Just ask the students.  They'll know.

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I can also claim a Pitt acceptance. Thrilled! 

Congrats on the acceptance! :) 

I haven't heard from them yet, so I guess my odds aren't great, but still keeping a little hope!

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They did, in fact, ask about the field switching, as I have a feeble history in political science and a formidable history in economics. So I tried my best to defend myself there. It's a bit worrisome as I applied to PoliSci programs hoping (and being told) that this wouldn't be an issue...apparently it is. They then asked about my mathematics coursework, as my GRE quant is somewhat low.





Long time lurker, first time poster. I did not apply to NYU but was intrigued by this comment. Seems to me that with a background in economics you wouldn't have to really prove yourself on the math side (unless you failed all of your econ courses or something, which I'm assuming you didn't). Did they explicitly state that they were asking you this because of your GRE score, or is this an assumption on your part? I noticed your research interests were econometrics and political economy and wonder if their inquiry had more to do with that? (i.e. if you were regular IR or comparative, do you think they would have asked?)


What specifically (or even generally) did they ask about your math coursework, if you don't mind sharing? Curious as to what they look for with that -- I also don't have much in the way of significant math (or even econ) preparation! 


Good luck and congrats on your acceptances! 

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I'll just point out that I've been accepted to more programs and offered more funding than you have, if you want to pull people's history into things as a means to belittle the advice they're giving. 


The goal here is getting in and getting funded, is it not? I offer sound advice for that. It is not presented in a manner to spare your feelings. 



Pulling from another thread just to do a classic tongue stinking out response. 



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They specifically asked about the test results. Although my background in economics/mathematical economics is solid, it is in direct conflict with my score (and I wasn't going to pay to take that mess twice). It was more of a "what happened there?", "I don't know, sorry..." exchange. I do not know whether this would have mattered if I were in another sub-field.

Thanks for sharing. That's interesting. I almost wonder if you would be better off not having a background in math/econ (maybe that would make your score a little more self-explanatory/lower their expectations from the outset?). Though I'd imagine in the long run they will (hopefully) figure that you just didn't perform as well as you may have hoped on that one particular exam, and if everything else looks fine, just move past it. I would be surprised if that one hiccup did you in even at top programs, though I suppose stranger things have happened. 


The only advice I can proffer is to ensure that you have at least one LOR writer in Political Science, if you are applying from another field.

Thanks also for this. Fortunately I was poli sci undergrad, so while I don't have a substantial math/econ background, I do have letter writers in the correct field! If it's not one issue it's the other these days, I suppose! 


Thanks again for providing clarity on these issues. My attitude has always been that if a school is going to turn you down for something as menial as a lowish SAT/GRE score, you probably don't want to spend 5-6 years of your life there, anyway. Your performance over 4 yrs of undergrad is a much better indicator of future academic success, IMO.

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Anybody here that's been through an interview with Vanderbilt? What kind of questions were you asked?


Vanderbilt has been the second interview during this cycle. While the first was pretty formal, more like a job interview, with softer and harder questions (research background, inconsistencies in the SoP, etc.), Vanderbilt´s has been more a selling interview when I sometime felt they tried to convince me to go there, so more information than "real questions". I have realized they have some must-do questions such as "are your interests broader than what you said in your SoP" (easy answer: Yes, of course... bla bla). I think it might change across applicants, but I felt like the decision was already 80% made. Good luck with yours!! 

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Congratulations to all the Berkeley admits! For those willing to share, what's your background like ? (GPA, GREs, publications, etc.). I applied knowing it was rather unlikely I'd be accepted with good but not great GREs and no publications despite a great undergrad GPA.

I'm trying to decide whether to accept offers other programs that (hopefully) extend or try for my dream school again next year. I was just curious how much I would need to bolster my credentials if I decided to give it another go.

Thanks to anyone willing to share! And congratulations again!

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Also hit rep points quota for the day, but congratulations to all the new admits!! Looks like today's been a big day for many of you :D


I can claim one of the Berkeley acceptances. Very excited :)

I claim a Berkeley as well, smiling ear to ear.

I also claim a Berkeley :)


too excited!

Might I ask which subfield y'all are? (Do you think Berkeley's finished sending out acceptances, or will there be any more?)

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Claiming a UCLA admit... and absolutely stunned. I didn't think it was a great fit.


The sigh of relief was probably audible halfway around the world. I am going to graduate school!

Why can I not up-vote?! Whyyyy!!!!


Also, congratulations!  :D  :P  :)

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