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You have multiple research interests, now what?

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So let's say that you have multiple research interests in different categories (IR, CP, PT or AP)...How did you decided which one you would:

A. Write about in your SOP

B. Study Further in graduate school

C. Write your dissertation on

I have structured this question so pretty much everyone can respond somehow.

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I'm not sure this is a question on which other people are going to be able to help you out a lot.


First, if you're a current applicant I wouldn't worry about C. That's not going to be one of your immediate concerns. You might have an idea about what your dissertation is going to be on when you apply and you might not. If you do, it's likely to change. Don't worry about it.


For the other two parts you really need to sit down and think for yourself about what subjects that interest you the most and on which you believe that you will be able to make a contribution in the field. Sometimes your interests and possible contributions will match, and at other times you will be interested in something which has fallen out of fashion or on which it might be hard to make a contribution.


Try to find that one topic which you're interested in but where other scholars are currently active and producing research but where you still see yourself being able to contribute.

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