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Contacted By POI After Rejection

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About a week ago I received an unsolicited email out of the blue from a POI at one of the top-tier programs I applied to. The gist of the message was that she wanted me to know how much my writing sample (senior undergrad thesis) impressed her and that she is in full support of my research. Then she inquired about my grad school status. I replied and we struck up a dialogue. As it turns out, she wants me to visit the program again this fall and meet more faculty and sit in on classes. Needless to say, all of this has been quite a salve to my burnt ego, but I am curious about the implications of my POI reaching out in such a fashion. Good news, or am just I engaging in wishful thinking? Anyone have any opinions/insights on this? Thanks.

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IMHO, definitely good news.  Remember, the POI doesn't always have a lot of influence in who gets admitted to the program, especially if the POI doesn't sit on the adcom.  She might have lobbied on your behalf for admission, but was outvoted by other (more influential) faculty.  If she is encouraging you to visit campus, re-apply, etc I would do so...

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I think it's a great sign! I would feel really encouraged about it. Sure, the POI might not have a big pull, but it's a good start. Just make sure to not read TOO much into it.    


Good news for you!

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