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New Comedy Podcast for Graduate Students

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Hey everyone,


Hope you're all hanging in there! We're a couple of graduate students (long time lurkers, first time posters!) who've started a podcast to discuss a lot of the issues we all talk about here (our first two episodes have been about the types of people you meet in graduate school and working summer camps for summer funding).  If you give it a listen, we'd love your feedback! 


You can find us in several places:

iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pomp-and-circumstances/id659166892?mt=2

PodBean - http://pompandcircumstances.podbean.com

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/pompandcircumstances


If you like what you hear, please do subscribe - we'd love to hear you thoughts! Thanks!

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This seems like a fun idea, it sure sounds like the 3 hosts are having fun. Also, you get points for enthusiasm! Sometimes I find myself losing interest (perhaps breaking it up with music in between segments?), but I'll probably stick around for a few more episodes. 

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I think it is a great idea and all 3 of you are great hosts. The only thing is that you tend to get sidetracked into inside jokes often that result in a bit too much laughter so that I don't really understand what you guys are saying. That kind of frustrates me as a listener and sounds less professional than some of the other podcasts I have heard. As I said, you guys are great hosts and there is a ton of potential if you could maybe edit out some of those inside jokes and laughing bits or just somehow plan the things you are going to say so you don't get too sidetracked. That being said, it does sound like you guys are having a ton of fun making the podcasts so keep it up.


Maybe you could do one on the transition from undergrad into grad school or what the similarities and differences are between the two for those of us who are entering graduate school in the fall. 


I really enjoyed the first two podcasts, and I have subscribed so I am excited to hear what else you guys have to say in the future episodes!

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