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Would you worry about this? (Courses getting full, registration, etc.)

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I'm starting a ThM in August, part-time. I have fairly specific interests and the divinity school has only a few courses that fit in with my interests. I'm also a part-time student due to work and family obligations, and between the course schedule and my time limitations, there is really only one course that would be ideal.

I can't register yet because incoming students don't get to register until the week before classes. But I can access the university online registration system, and I can see that there are 15 spaces in this class, 11 have already been filled, and only 4 spaces are left.

There are still some returning students left to register before new students get a turn. And, while advanced degree students get to register on the day before others (and basic degree students won't sign up for this class anyway), there are close to 20 of us who will be scrambling to get spots in specific courses on that first day of fall registration.

Is there a real possibility that I might not get a space in this class? And if so, what do I do to avoid this? Should I email the instructor? The registrar? The director of my program?

I know I sound like a giant pain in the @zz, but the thought of having to rearrange my work schedule and find extra childcare and then taking a course that's kind of related to my interests (as opposed to one that fits perfectly) is just...frustrating.

So. Is this a real concern, or do I just need to relax? Thanks.

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At least in my experience, it's possible to be added to a full class by permission of the instructor. You might want to check with the registrar for the procedure on this just in case. If its doable, and if the class is already full by the time you register, ask the instructor if he would be willing to take you in.

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