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Boston University and Scholarships

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Dear friends,


I am an international student and I am considering applying to BU's Master in Advertising this fall. I took my first shot at the GRE yesterday and scored V161 and Q155. ( I am still waiting on my essays' scores). While I am pleased with these results ( they do indicate that I can cope with the format and materials covered in the exam) I think that I can do way better and improve my numbers a bit, so I am planning on retaking the exam in early fall. 


My question is though, does BU, and particularly the college of communication give out financial aid and scholarships to international students and how much (percentage-wise from the total tuition and fees)? I presume that I will still have to pay a big part of it but I am wondering how much the school may be willing to give to an international student based on merit? I looked at the statistics on grad BU applicants here but there are hardly any people that applied to do Advertising. So, does anybody have any experience with the school? 


Thank you very much in advance. :)

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I have just been admitted to BU COM and asked the college similar questions.  About 25%-35% of the incoming students got merit scholarship from a couple thousand dollars to $25,000 per year.


Hope the information will help.

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@anion, thank you for your information. I got accepted to BU COM also. I was offered $25,000 scholarship. However, it said that I only receive half of that amount in my second year. I find it quite strange. I would love to attend BU but they don't seem offer much scholarships; the tuition and the living standard are so high in Boston. Do you manage to receive any scholarship at all? 

@DeeGripp I'm an international student also. I just applied and got the offer with the scholarship. They also said that you can apply for more scholarships once accepted. They also offer assistantships and on-campus employment I believe. 

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