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BC - University of Victoria

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I will be moving to Victoria in about a month and won't know anyone there. I didn't find any discussions about UVic in here so I thought I would start one up. Anyone else going to be going to school in Victoria, or even Vancouver?

I'm excited to live in Victoria as I've heard only good things about it, although, being from the landlocked prairies, I do have this worry in the back of my mind about the whole city getting submerged in a tsunami!

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Hi there!


I will also be attending UVic this fall for my graduate work. I actually got here on the first of this month and I absolutely love it! I am from New York so Victoria is certainly different given the school is basically in a forrest (as my advisor described), but the weather is absolutely amazing.

I've started coming to campus already to get ahead start on research, but this place is practically dead except for the professors (even then it's pretty scarce), so I look forward to meeting fellow grad students!

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I got admit from University of Victoria. I am planning Masters in Computer Science. Can you give some advice on hows the University? Housing Options, life at the University, professors,etc. 


Thank You :)

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I got an admit offer to do my MPH at UVic yesterday (very excited!), but I also live in Victoria and I am finishing my social work undergrad at UVic right now.


It truly is a beautiful campus and you honestly could say that it's in the middle of the forest. I personally like my professors in the social work program, but I don't know about other programs. There's lots of huge, open spaces outside to sit and read/catch up on things as long as the weather permits (Victoria likes to rain in the winter).


BC transit also has many buses that come to the campus and go off in different directions to get you home. I don't know about housing because I chose to live on one of the bus routes to campus.


I'm a fairly socially anxious person and I find myself quite comfortable at the UVic campus, if that makes a difference :) I find the people friendly and generally non-judgemental (as opposed to when I did my associate's at Camosun College).

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Hi there,


I am going to start my grad education in the master of Mechanical Eng. this Fall and I will arrive there in early Sep. Thank you all for making a lot of good comments about Victoria, that's great, I am so excited to start living in Victoria.


However, like Decaf, I want to know about the best housing options. Which part of the city is cheap and has fast access to the University. I am looking for advices about housing, thanks all.

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Hi guys!!!

I realised this thread was from a while ago, but if I may pick up on this thread again and go off on a tangent for a little bit--when did you guys hear back from Uvic? I have submitted my application for PhD in Educational Studies. Would really like to have an idea when I will hear back from them as I will have to coordinate with my husband's job offer...thanks so much!!


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