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Schools for Political Theory with Religion and Politics

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Hey everyone,


I've started to narrow my research interests a bit and have settled on religion and politics as my main interest for my SOP (I've done a research project that was kind of half religion and politics and half history of western political thought). I have done some preliminary research on schools, but can anyone suggest a few schools/scholars to look into that have similar interests?



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I'm going to assume that your interest is in religion and American politics? As IRToni indicated your subfield will probably matter quite a bit for what programs that will interest you.


Anyway, it's not really my area, but I'd have a look at Ken Wald (University of Florida) and Elizabeth Shakman-Hurd (If you don't mind constructivists. She's at Northwestern)

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Thanks for the responses. Although I do have a secondary interest in the sub-field of comparative politics involving democratic institutions, one of which (one may argue) is religion, as the title indicates, I meant religion and politics in political theory. Some of the major areas of religion and politics in political theory are the establishment and separation of church and state, toleration and accommodation of religious belief and practice, etc. So to clarify, I am primarily looking for political theory faculty.

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