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Should I retake the GRE to raise my Quant score?

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I took the GRE yesterday, and my unofficial scores given at the end of the test were: 160-Q and 168-V. I am planning to apply to Communications PhD programs this Fall (for Fall 2014 entry). I have a 3.97 GPA from my Master's degree. I know the Verbal score is solid, but I just don't know what kinds of Quant scores are considering acceptable for that kind of program... I wanted to get at least 162 in Quant, so I am unsure as to whether to take it again. Any thoughts?

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It seems to me that that should be more than fine, especially given the nice GPA plus MA.  If you're into quantitative methods/research, though, I'm not sure.  I'm applying to Comm. programs with 163V/161Q, but I'm not a quantitative person.

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