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NSF GRFP 2013-14

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I never said that everybody at dais is a problem, nor did i say these issues all occurred at Davis.   Davis is one of the best schools about accommodations. However, there is a bad apple in every bu

So I accepted the Hertz fellowship a little while back. This fellowship only includes a stipend and no tuition (though my offers from schools will cover tuition). Is it possible to accept NSF just for

LOL, All i know if that I have a acceptance notification and you all do not ( besides a select few) They prolly told you that to spare your feelings until the bulk of the notifications are released

I actually guessed part of the ending (I was one of the rumor mongers :D ) but I just didn't like the way it was told. It would have been fitting 5 seasons ago, but it feels like it deserved more time because it took 9 seasons to get there.

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Let's play the game of, "What happened last year?" Anyone know?

Someone posted dates and times that it went up in previous years a ways back. In the 40-50 page range I think...

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