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Should I retake GRE?

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I am a international student.

I want to apply this year for political science Ph.D programs.

My targeting programs are among top 20-50 universities.


Today I receive my GRE score.


Verbal : 159(81%) 

Quant : 160(78%)

AWA : 3(17%)


I am fully satisfied with my V and Q score and I think my GPA(3.7/4.0) is not bed to apply. 

However, I am really worried about my very terrible AWA score.


Should I retake GRE?

In many political science Ph.D programs, Do they consider AWA score as important criteria?

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Guest Gnome Chomsky

I agree. Your scores are pretty good. Your math is good for a non-hard science field and your verbal is good for an international student. Plus, you're shooting for top 20-50 schools, not top 5 schools. 

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I agree with the others; however, I'd also add that you should devote even more time and energy to your statement of purpose and writing sample. With an AW score that low, you'll want to show the committee that you really can write smart analysis with (nearly) flawless prose. So, use the written aspects of your application to counter your AW score. 

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