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Appropriate to contact research scientists at hospitals about volunteer research opportunities?

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Hi all,


I'm going into my final year of my undergrad (AHHH) and while I've had some great research opportunities and chances to publish, I'm looking to get some experience in the area that I want to pursue in grad school (Clinical (Neuro)psychology)


Last year a friend of mine in my program sent out emails to profs and researchers that he was interested in in Toronto and landed an amazing research assistantship at a prominent Canadian psychiatric hospital (CAMH)


I'm not finding too many RAship postings in Clinical Psychology in Toronto... Would it be appropriate to contact research scientists at hospitals about volunteering? How would I go about doing that? What do you think?



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I've held a job within a hospital as a research assistant, and at least in our case we would on occasion bring in a volunteer.


It couldn't hurt to ask, so, send away

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Like Johnny Blaze said, send away! But I'd do a cursory look first to make sure they don't have a website with more specific instructions (e.g., "I don't want volunteers" or "email my assistant at...").

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