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What program should I apply for?

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Hi I am Asian male(also non citizen) and currently attending ok-ish state school, double majoring in math and stats.

I have two semesters to go and I need to decide what course to take for electives and what program to apply. Here is the things. I want to study more in Pure math but based on my grade I am only an average kids in Math, better than average in stats and pretty good in Microeconomics.

I wont hate any of those three majors and want to go best possibly graduate school in terms of reputation in US. Approx my overall gpa is 3.5-ish and i was transferred from locally recognized private school.

I will provide my course i took and grade i received. I am waiting for opinions from you. Any will be very much appreciated.


Single var calc sequences. 4.0s

Multi var calc 1 4.0

Multi var calc 2 3.7

Mathematical statistics 4.0 for total of 8 credits taken

After transfer

Elementary Number Theory (Only undergrad num theory course offered and taken as Honor class) 3.5

Problem begins here

Linear Algebra proof based honor course 3.0

Abstract Algebra1. 2.5


After transfer

Applied linear regression 3.5

Statistical sampling design 3.0


Principle of micro and macro. 4.0 total of 6.0 credits taken

After transfer

Intermediate microeconomics 4.0 - I was top 20-ish out of 400ish

I am vey comfortable with microeconomics but dont really like macro

In my senior year, Analysis 1, time series, statistical design, a programming course and General physics course are fixed to double major in math and stats.

I have about 6.0 credits for electives in math and stat. I think maybe stochastic processes and combinatorics are good options? as those are cross listed in stat and math?

I need any kind of opinion about my situation.

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