"The Bank" subsection: comprehensive lists by field?

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A thought: perhaps we could get pinned posts in The Bank that provide comprehensive lists of available graduate-level scholarships, fellowships, & grants (preferably with links for more information) sorted by broad field of study? E.g.: The Bank -> Anthropology (Pinned) -> NSF, Wenner Gren, & so forth.


Perhaps have the topics started & pinned by moderators, & allow users to respond with otherwise unlisted sources of funding. If possible, it would be nice to require each thread's OP to approve responses, in order to minimize redundancy or inaccurate/outdated information.


In my field of work & study, it's easy to find information about highly competitive sources of funding, but there are many smaller sources of funding that aren't so obvious, typically geared towards enhancing graduate level research & supporting student attendance of major conferences & events. I feel like I hear about a new scholarship or small grant every week! For me, at least, I think it might be helpful to have general posts divided by field, in addition to the by-year posts by scholarship, fellowship, or grant name.

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There are so many fields that this might be a better post for the field-specific forums. 

IE, have a post in Anthropology titled "Predoctoral Funding Opportunities". 

Having one per field stickied would pretty much take up the whole first page of The Bank, which is more for general funding discussions across fields. 

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