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What are your 4 dream jobs? Are you qualified for any of them?

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I imagine my jobs as being something of a career profession.   1. Sequence dinosaur DNA from a number of charismatic species 2. Genetically engineer and resurrect said dinosaurs 3. Build dinosaur

1- Mom: Maybe in a few years. I'm not qualified yet. Haven't earned that Mrs. degree yet and not settling for anything else 2- Horse trainer:  Nope.  Not qualified. I trained my own horse though. But

1. Pokemon Master http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/03/31/happy-early-april-fools-day-google-is-looking-for-pokemon-masters/

1. Research epidemiologist attached to a medical center, studying health disparities and making MDs research ideas happen (working on it)

2. Hopping to academia after doing 1 for several years (working on it)

3. Biostatistician/general research center resource for new physician investigators (plan B; would be ready after the MS)

4. Historian (nope)

5. Freelance science writer (based on the science writing I've read, literally anyone is qualified to do this)

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  1. Professor (may get there some day, but probably not)
  2. Public health and community nutrition registered dietitian (working on it - step 1 is complete0
  3. Full time group fitness instructor (I'm certified, but don't have the talent to do it full time, nor would my body be able to handle the wear and tear)
  4. International group fitness presenter (again, don't have the talent for it)
  5. Work part-time as a registered dietitian, and part-time as a sessional instructor (this may happen some day if i go on to acquire a PhD after the MPH)
  6. Food service officer in the Canadian Armed Forces (sadly can't pass the medical exam)

Okay, that's more than four. :P

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1. Professor/scientist: Working on this one with great hopes.

2. University lecturer: I dunno how hard/easy this one is, but I like the idea of teaching (to people who care about learning).

3. Graphic designer: My first dream job from age 5! Crushed immediately by Asian parents, of course.

4. Paramedic: I was a lifeguard in high school. Pretty sure that's the closest I'll ever come to this one.



^ Although this wouldn't be a bad option, either!

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1. ESL teacher overseas (already done it and loved it, but would need an Education MA to pursue further)


2. History professor (just have to get that Ph.D. and then a job … maybe not so realistic?)


3. Broadway or Opera costume designer (at the moment only an amateur)


4. Diplomat (would have to take the foreign service test, which is NOT happening during the Ph.D.)


5. Librarian or Archivist (the part I love about history … but I don't know if I could deal with the lack of interpersonal work)

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1. Professor

2. Clinical Psychologist

3. Writer/Journalist

4. Zumba Instructor


I am not qualified for any, but I am on my way to becoming qualified for #1-3. #4 will be for another lifetime. 

You could do #4 if you really wanted to.  You just need to have a passion for fitness and dance, get your group fitness certification, and then your Zumba B1 license.  I'm a Zumba instructor and a certified group fitness instructor, and I'm far from the best dancer out there, and I certainly don't look like the models for Zumba wear.  But I deliver a fun, safe, effective class, and that's all that matters!

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1. The person who taught the LOTR actors and actresses to speak the language of Middle Earth. Totes qualified, just born in the wrong decade.

2. Professor. Hope to be reasonably qualified at some point in my life. Need to get that PhD first.

3. Math teacher, any grade K-12. I guess I'm qualified.

4. Speech Pathologist in a children's hospital and/or cleft palate team. I'm about as qualified as one can be straight out of grad school, just need to hope someone's hiring.

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1. Panelist on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

2. 1st mate on a sailing vessel

3. Tower climbing electrician

4. Exploration Geologist


#4 is the only one I'm becoming qualified to do, I might be able to swing #3 though.

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1. Professor/research in Linguistics

2. JC/CC Professor

3. Book store owner (I stole that one though)

4. Horse trainer/open a place to work with horses and disabled kids.  

5. Singer.

6. Politician. I'd be awful at this though.

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Research-based writer (humanities related).



Librarian/independent bookstore employee (not owner).

Married to someone wealthy enough that bills get paid regardless of my income contribution.

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I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up... :/ but if I could do aaanything...

1. Research scientist - maybe I can do this with enough work.

2. Film or video game music composer - I have no credentials in music, but I am a decent composer, so maybe a long shot.

3. Musician in a symphony orchestra - I haven't played my instrument in years, but I was once a top tier player in high school...also a long shot.

4. Author or journalist - I enjoy and have always been praised for my writing ability, but not even sure if I would really want this as a career.

Bonus choice - Unemployed. It is the ultimate freedom. I dream of a society that doesn't require its citizens to fight and compete over life-sustaining tokens.

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1. Professional lawn mower (for a major league ball park)

2. Storm chaser

3. Fine woodworker

4. Tenure track professor 

Looks like you got a little bit of Ron Burgundy in you.

Edit: Swanson, Ron Swanson. I got my Rons mixed up.

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