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Learning, Teaching, and Diversity, Ph.D.: Peabody 2014

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Has anyone heard from Vanderbilt regarding their Ph.D. application for the Learning, Teaching, and Diversity program beginning in the Fall of 2014. It seems a lot of other programs within Peabody are letting prospective students know about the upcoming interview weekend (February 14-16). Based on searching the results forum, it appears this program usually does not ask for candidates to come for that weekend. Can any current students clarify this? 


Thanks, and good luck to everyone! 

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I contacted Peabody admissions. The person I spoke with was very kind and helpful. She said Learning, Teaching, and Diversity has not made any decisions and her best guess was middle of February. There's still hope!


We are approaching the middle of February! Has anybody heard back yet?

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I spoke with someone who applied to the program last year, and they said she was not notified until the end of February. Hang tight! Maybe good news is on the way... :)

Did this person receive an interview? From reading other comments it sounds like interview weekend is 2/21.  Since I wasn't invited I am resigned to believe I won't be admitted. 

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