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Responding to Acceptance Emails

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I am absolutely thrilled about being offered admission at UNM.  My potential adviser emailed me with the news and said that I would receive an official email soon.  He also said I should email him with any questions that I have.


So here are my questions:

1. Do I have questions?  I'm so stunned/excited right now I can't think of ANYTHING!

2. Do I email him back and thank him for his email?  I'm kind of awkward when it comes to correspondence.  I never know if what I'm saying sounds good or sounds like an excited teeny bopper seeing New Kids on the Block for the first time.  (Sorry for the reference. I heard Hangin' Tough on the radio today.  That song is corny, buy catchy!)


Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Congrats on the acceptance!  I had the same issue....how to respond to sound very interested without sounding crazy excited (which I WAS).  They kept mentioning how serious I was about funding in a couple emails too, which made me optimistic and nervous all at once.  I had to be clear that I wanted/needed funding without sounding too desperate. Hopefully that means funding is available? agghhh!  It's so exciting to get accepted, but all these minutia are killing me.

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Good advice, Loric!


And I know, Boba!  I feel like I should be compiling a list of questions and really thinking about all of the important stuff.  Instead, I'm gonna jump around a bit more, do a little more happy dancing, and then eat pizza. 

I'll start thinking maturely tomorrow...lol

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