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Interview for Counseling MA at UWF - two questions

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I have an interview this Friday that I am driving 9 hours for, and it's my top choice.


1. Is a knee-length black dress, heels, and a cardigan alright? It's in the Florida panhandle, so it's chilly but not hot or cold.


2. If I am asked a question regarding why I believe I will be successful in the program/graduate school, must I keep it academic, or can I talk about something that I have personally been through that tested me in every way possible wherein I came out successful? I made no mention in my SOP, but I have lost almost 200lbs. in the last two years, and I feel it has helped me clarify the goals I have for myself in every way possible.


Thank you :)

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I would say as long as you are comfortable in heels that should probably be fine, but be sure you can stand or walk in them for a long period of time without being uncomfortable.

As for your second question, I think you should keep it tailored to their school. They will be asking that question mainly to find why you are a good fit for their program specifically, and I think that is a stronger response. In general though I would say to keep it academic.

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