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University of Delaware 2014

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Hey everyone! 


Super excited to have committed to UDel psychology (behavioral neuroscience) PhD program next year! I absolutely adored them during the visit - everyone loved each other and the collaboration was awesome. Really hard decision as my other top choice was offering me a fellowship, but it just didn't feel like home quite as much as UDel did. Anyway, I am visiting again tomorrow as I am only an hour away. I was wondering if anyone else has committed to UDel yet (It's pretty early, but they acted fasted)! :)

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Hello everyone!


I am also joining University of Delaware this fall in Physics Department (PhD program).

I am both excited and nervous about what to expect since I have not visited the university. By the way I am an international student from India. I would like to know of any other Indian student who might also be joining University of Delaware this fall.

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