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Help on Thesis (Urgent)

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Hey everyone, 


I am an undergrad and I would be very grateful if someone would be able to give me some feedback on my thesis as I have been literally struggling with this for days on end. 


The topic is: Discuss the experience of those people of the SIkh Faith in Canada


The proposed thesis I came up with is:


Early Sikh Immigrants in British Columbia overcame Anti-Sikh immigration policies and prejudice by centering their lives around religious institutions, predominately the Khalsa Diwan Society and the Sikh Gurudwara. These organizations assisted Sikh immigrants by functioning as a political forum, providing social support, and economic assistance. 


Any help/feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much.

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Hi there, this board is not meant to help undergraduate students do their homework. This sounds like a question that should be directed to your professor or your TA. 


N/M, I have been reading too much today.

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Hi, I would love to help you with your thesis. I think you are headed in the right direction, but you may want to look into the British Columbian peanut butter and jelly shortage. There are a few documents that discuss this particular issue on JSTOR. Let me know what you find and I will provide more in-depth feedback.

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Well, OP, you don't discuss time at all in your thesis, let alone a time period, which would help you think about how things have changed during that period. And phrases such as "overcame Anti-Sikh immigration policies" don't tell us much either.  This sort of sounds like an essay question for an exam? But you're not really answering your prompt because you're not actually discussing the experiences of Sikh people.  


Your prof could be looking for a descriptive answer, one in which you compare the experiences of Sikh people to other Canadians, and bit of analysis regarding why their experiences have varied, and if you're feeling bold, perhaps an attempt to explain what that tells you about Canada (assuming this is a blue-book exam).


If this is a "thesis" as in a major research paper, you'll really have to narrow this down. A lot. Like a lot.  

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