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Cornell 2014?

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Hi, I haven't heard a peep from Cornell yet (Sociology PhD for Fall 2014). I see that there were already some acceptances and rejections on the results board, and it's the tail end of March, so I don't understand what's happening.

I called an administrator who told me that they were making decisions next week, but that's also what she told me 3 weeks ago. I didn't want to annoy her, so I just politely thanked her rather than pushing it.

Has anyone been told they're on a wait list? Were you interviewed? I haven't gotten an interview, but I see in previous years that accepted and wait listed students refer to interviews, so I am assuming the worst. Yet the lack of communication leads me to have a glimmer of hope that maybe I'm on the wait list.

I got a perfect verbal score on the GRE (and a quant score in the 160s) and have a couple peer-reviewed pubs. My actual research interests fit the department, but my pubs are in a different (but overlapping) social science on a different topic, so I dunno if I made the case strongly enough that I would be a good fit. I would like to do computational sociology and/or social networking analysis, but don't really have any experience in it (though I have some programming skills, which I taught myself over the past year via free online classes).

Thanks for any clarification from anybody who has actually made it through the gauntlet! Even if the info is that everybody wait listed gets an interview, that would bum me out in the short term but would also at least allow me to cross Cornell off my list and focus on the two programs I did get into. !Gracias!

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I really have no idea about the wait-list situation but we have been having admitted students visiting these last two weeks so I know that there is an ongoing recruitment process currently.     


I would also be aware the Cornell goes on spring break (WOO!) on Friday and does not return until April 4th or so.   Seeing how close that is to the deadlines..  Just an FYI.   I am 100% outside of this process and have no inside information :( 

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