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Anxious after accepting offer?

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I'm so glad to read that others are having the same experience - after spending all summer studying for and then taking the GRE, then all fall/winter focusing on the application process, once I was offered admission and accepted I felt like.... now what? seriously, I have to wait until August?? I haven't told my job just yet because I work at a college and feel that it's best to let the semester finish. I will still be giving them a couple of months notice (I hope to work until just before I start school, to save up money), so that is fine, but it feels wierd to not be sharing this big news yet.


Anyway, to help with the wait, I have been reaching out to people in the department I'll be joining. I live fairly close (1.5 hr drive) so I have gone to visit a few times and started getting to know other students, who have lots of advice and tips. I also have started getting to know my advisor and starting to figure out what I'll be doing in the fall, what classes to take, etc. It's still hard but it helps. If you don't live close by, Skype is another good option. I also liked the suggestion of reviewing old books and work from past programs, to refresh on theories and whatnot, so I plan to do that too.


Best of luck to you all! As was already stated, they picked you for a reason so try to remind yourself of that when you feel anxious =)

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Wow what a relevant thread. I, with my paltry GPA, had never in my wildest dreams expected to get into Syracuse. In fact I was so sure that the admission email had been sent in error that I was seriously considering calling them and asking them again. However I received an indirect confirmation when my request for financial aid was denied since "all awards are merit-based" and I did not make the cut. Well at least I got in. :)

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