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Monochrome Spring

Off-site grad chat

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This is an IRC chatroom with basic IRC commands.

Here are some of the more useful ones:

/nick newusername

/ignore username


The moderators in the chatroom are:






If you are a problem in the chatroom, you will be warned. If you continue to be a problem, you will be kicked from the chatroom for a period of time. If you continue to be a problem after that, your username may be banned.


Do not bother GradCafe moderators with any issues you have in this chatroom, as this chatroom is not affiliated with the main website. If you have an issue, please report it to one of the moderators listed above.

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Do you have pop-ups blocked? Sometimes it asks you to pick a different nick in a pop-up box. Also, did you select the appropriate client/chat (rizon[webirc/#gradchat)?

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1. go to Mibbit  URL listed above

2. in the middle blue box, to the right of the connect menu, there are three buttons: server | auth | Charset. Press server.

3. Type this into the three fields--

server: irc.rizon.net

Nick: whatever you wanna be called 

Channel: #gradchat

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Hey gang...


With doctoral admissions and interviews coming up plus studying, it would be nice to have some casual convo. Please join us in the offsite chat room:



Select: rizon[webirc]

Type in your username

Room: #gradchat

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