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NODA and ACUHO-I Summer 2015

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Hello everyone! So as a little update for everyone on my grad school situation, it's looking more and more like I'm going to be deferring my HESA applications once again to Fall 2015. At this point I'm about 95% sure that's what will happen. I've recently received a "contingent offer of employment" at a local university. It's not 100% official, but I'm pretty confident it will work out. Said opportunity ends around May of 2015, which would free me up to do the NODA or ACUHO-I internship processes for the summer before I start school. Does anyone have experience applying for these, in particular applying prior to entering a grad program? Since they are such a popular practicum option for grad students, I'm wondering how likely it would be to get accepted without a grad school affiliation into those programs.


If it helps answer the question, I'd prefer NODA over ACUHO-I but will probably try to apply for both. I do have 2 summers of orientation experience, 1 year of ResLife experience, 1 year of experience on the executive board of a service-oriented student org, 2 years as a student employee in an admissions office, as well as AmeriCorps experience under my belt at this point.


Any advice is welcome!

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@Jbums: I know some NODA internships are open to undergrads, so for sure, you should be eligible if you are entering a program the following semester. But I'm just speculating.


Also, yay for employment. not-so-yay on deferring school again. keep us posted!

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Thaks @tdix09! And I've accepted the reality of deferring. I'm actually excited about how everything is coming together because since the new position will end in mid/late spring next year, I have more options to do programs like NODA/ACUHO-I or look for Master's programs that would allow me to start early. So there's a silver lining :)

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