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I am thinking about applying to grad schools (again--I already have a MA, but in a different field), but my interests are a bit odd, and I am unsure where to apply. I am interested in film adaptations of literature, multi-lingual (multi-cultural) adaptations and cultural representations in film and literature. I have done a lot of work in languages and considered applying to language departments with film but am afraid of being too limited in what I could study. I have also been considering interdisciplinary programs, but the programs have such diverse names and are housed in diverse schools, and it's difficult to find them. So, I am here for suggestions. I know that this is a busy and difficult time for you, but if you have a moment to make some suggestions (or to procrastinate about your own decisions)... :D

Thank you!

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hi, departments of comparative literature generally consists of minor degrees of film studies

...and for this reason I think getting in a complit department would be amazing

any who is interested in cinema and film studies should think about it

and I will... however it seems difficult due to an irervelant undergrad degree, Economics

anyway, still do not lose hope

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The Ph.D. in Film Studies program at UC Berkeley is based in the Rhetoric/Speech Communications department, and you can do interdisciplinary research there with the Linguistics and/or English Departments there, you should contact some of the faculty there to see if your interests match theirs.

Also, Yale has a Ph.D. double major in Film and another field of your choice, which most likely would be Comparative Literature.

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