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I know everyone here is intending to pursue a doctorate in political science, the vast majority of you waiting with bated breath to receive that tenure track offer, BUT... I don't need to remind you of the abhorrent academia job market. So, is anyone considering higher level think tank positions in DC/NYC?


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If I wanted to work at a think tank, I'd get a MPP


I certainly wouldn't. Most of the top-tier think tanks in Washington require a Ph.D. for full research positions. And many of the top political appointees (especially in IR) are coming from those think tanks and have PhDs. Don't do a MPP unless you want to be a bureaucrat. 


To answer the OP, I think it's somewhat taboo to admit, which is why nobody here is going to speak up. But on one of my visits to a T-5 program last week, this notion was openly discussed and there was a sense that working at a think tank would put your PhD to good use.


Not sure what else you're looking for in an answer here. 

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One of my POIs at a school I applied to specifically mentioned their ability to place people in policy/think tank position, if that is their wish.

I personally would love a revolving door kind of career (think Anne-Marie slaughter or ken lieberthal), though less actual administration for me. That's because I want to have time to research and teach, but I also hope that some of my research impacts actual policy-making.

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