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University of New Mexico-what's the deal?

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On 1/15/2015 at 9:13 PM, CBG321 said:

Hi I know this is kind of an old topic but would either MMR218 or danielle90 be willing to give a first-hand update on your UNM experience after your first semester.  Have your experiences been good and did you see any of the negatives the other users posted about?  I know you are both probably very busy in your program but never hurts to ask!

Hi Everyone! I know its been quite a few years since these posts but I was wondering if anyone who attended or attends UNM SLP Masters Program will like to share their experience and overall opinion of the program. I am a current undergrad applying to grad schools this fall and am looking into UNM but I have seen a lot of mixed reviews. I know y'all are busy individuals but If you can take time to reach out to me that would be much appreciated. Thank You!

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I just graduated from UNM's program and absolutely loved it. I wasn't there at the time the original poster reported their negative experience, and I don't mean to invalidate it... but it doesn't match my experience at all. Faculty have been wonderful and supportive. They often collaborate with each other on projects; there's opportunities to get involved in every professor's lab; diverse clinical opportunities (multiple hospitals, schools, SNFs, rehab, outpatient, inpatient, private practices, rural/city, even the chance to work in schools in native american pueblos,), there's a program to go do SLP work in Mexico City if you speak at least a bit of Spanish... idk what else to say, but if you have specific questions feel free to reach out! 

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