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1 hour ago, KR Marksmen said:

Delmar Loop is a great area. Lots of food and entertainment. That being said, just like every city, you have to learn the safe and not so safe areas. If you stay within the loop you should be fine. Same goes for most of the popular student living areas (CWE, Delmar/U City). To me St Louis is very easy to tell you are in an area you "shouldn't be in", you'll recognize that your surroundings have drastically changed.

Most of my student friends live in/around the loop, in the central west end, or by debaliviere/forest park(Recommend waiting to move to this area until after your first year). If you find a place in either of those though public transportation won't be an issue. Students have free access to metro/subway and you can get to most things you need (school, grocery store, entertainment) in less than 10 minutes. Walkability is great and even with cars most of us (that being my classmates) rarely use them for normal day to day. 

Feel free to PM if you have any more questions.

Thank you, this helps a lot! I'll send you a PM if I have other questions.

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