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New Travel Regulations/Restrictions for US Flights

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Hi everyone,

I'll be flying out to the US very soon. I was wondering if there are any new travel regulations that I should be aware of?

BTW is it true that all electronic devices (phones, laptops, tablets etc) are now accessed and screened by customs officials on US bound flights? Thus meaning that every passenger is expected to charge all such devices before boarding!



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I think the new rule about having to turn on electronics is only applicable to certain airports, so it probably depends on where your US-bound flight originates and if it's an airport that usually has separate/extra security for US-bound flights.

That said, I'd suggest making sure everything is able to turn on, so then you won't have to worry about it. I have a hard time believing they're actually going to make every passenger turn on every electronic they have with them, but I have been asked to show that various things work multiple times in the past.

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Thanks for the feedback, random17. You're right, the best way for a smooth passage through immigration is to ensure that every device is charged enough (if not fully charged) to be turned on if required.

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^ This comment could be taken in a very different context.


LOL... Indeed it could. But since we're supposed to act like adults here, let's not. ;)

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