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What are my chances?

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Hi everyone!
I recently wrote my GRE exam and scored 326 (170Q+156V) on the test day. I have a couple of queries regarding the score. First of all, is my final score going to be different than the one I received on test day. Secondly, I am a civil engineering undergrad, is my score sufficient to help me get top 10 universities? My ultimate goal is to go for PhD, so does that help in my application? As of now my GPA is 8.5 (on a scale of 10) and I am working on improving it further and getting some publications. Please guide me on what I should do in order to make it to the top 10 civil engineering grad schools.

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First of all, congratulations on an exceptional score! Getting a maximum in Quant is no small achievement, you should be proud. :)


Moving on, your score will be exactly the same as this, don't worry. I'm from the same field as you, and I can assure you that this score has the potential to get you into some top-notch schools. But of course, you'll have to make sure the rest of your application materials (SoP, LoR's etc) are as solid as your GRE score. Also, the fact that you intend to go for PhD ultimately will be another plus point for potential admission commitees. If you're a non-native English speaker like myself, then try to get a score above 102 or 103 in TOEFL; it will further boost your credentials. Having said that, it is never easy to predict one's chances.


Anyways, before the application season starts, have clear goals that you want to achieve through graduate school. Best of luck!

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