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GRE for MA

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Hey everyone,

What's the consensus here about GRE scores for MA programs? It seems that most of the discussion on this forum about the GRE is for Ph.D programs, so I'm wondering if the same rules apply for MA programs also. I got a 162V, 145Q (lol) and 4.5AW. I know these scores are not acceptable for a doctoral program, but are they unusually bad for a MA?

For what's it worth, I have a good language background, letters of rec, etc. I believe this would be the only serious deficiency in my application.

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Those scores are solid for many (probably most) M.A. programs. One thing you can do is go through the results search and see how your scores match up with those who were accepted or rejected at your program of choice. The only thing that might be deceptive is that GRE is only one aspect of an application. Sounds like you have a well-rounded application you could produce. But then again, if your program rejected applicants who posted 166-165-5.0, you may wish to take that into consideration. That 145 may not hurt you with regard to your theology/religion program, but the university itself may find that score undesirable for funding purposes.

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