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With my GPA, what schools should I realistically aim for?

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- GPA: 2.1, top 20 US university, B.S. in neurobiology

- GRE: V 159 Q 162


3 years research in medical imaging


6 publications (1 first author review paper)

1 conference (first author) publication


1 more first author under review


Looking to apply to master's programs in bioengineering in a field relevant to my research area


I know ranking is not a solid basis, but it gives me a better picture of what schools I should be looking


Comments, criticisms appreciated

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Are you looking for terminal master's or research-based? Are you planning on pursuing a PhD after?


How are your letters of recommendation? Are you a good writer who can craft a really solid statement of purpose?

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Your GPA is low, possibly too low for most BME programs... most of the schools I looked into had a 3.0 GPA cut-off.


I checked the California State University, Channel Islands website (just to get a feel for the GPA cut-off for graduate admissions to the CSU programs) and it requires a 2.5 GPA for the overall degree, or a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of the degree. jetvermillion, if your latest 60 units (or 90 quarter units) is 2.5 or above, you could check out some CSU programs. Here is the Wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_State_University) with a list of all campuses - it's possible that not all of them will offer BME Masters programs.

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