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NSERC 2015-2016

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Hey all! I didn't notice any thread about this years PGS-D/CGS-D competition. 


Just wondering if anyone has heard about their application being forwarded yet? It is getting to be about that time!


Good luck to all :)

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selecttext is that based on insider information :)? or just based on previous years / their self imposed deadline of making sure applicants receive them by March 31st?

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McGill is my proposed location in my PGS-D app, but I had to apply as a direct applicant.  My MSc is outside of Canada and since I'm still there, I'm anxiously asking my family if any mail arrived.  This feels like torture!


new123, I've heard of people who were wait listed that were later accepted.  I think it was a very long waiting game for them though.  Good luck!

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Yeah, huge bummer. I had three journal papers, 4 conferences, and a technical report. I really don't know what it would take to get this damn scholarship. Alas it was my last try (can only apply within first year of PhD), so it is time for me to move on...

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