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V159, Q155; PhD computer science; Potential adviser emailed me with a smiley face!

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I took the GRE today. I got conscious during one of my quant sections in the beginning; you know, when are very 'aware' that you need to score good on this test. This consciousness leads to distraction from the question, which leads to you having to re-read the same lines again and again without comprehension, and of course, the clock is ticking. Did it ever happen to any of your guys?


Anyway, I'm still applying to schools with these scores for a PhD in computer science. The four universities so far are: MSU, ASU, Indiana- Bloomington, and Northeastern.


I have been personally recommended by a recent PhD graduate (in my area of study) to a professor at one of these universities. This PhD student has had a very good relationship with the advisor, and him and I have been discussing research since 2 years.


This mutual associate (the PhD candidate) introduced me and the professor via email. Much to my delight the professor wrote in his first email:


"Hi <name>, pleasure to meet you. You can talk to me on <this date> and <this time>. Meanwhile, here's a link to our college's application page. Take note of deadline. If <mutual associate name> says you are worthy of a PhD, that's sufficient for me."


That's not all. He put a smiley face at the end of the last sentence!! I have never, in my life of 26 years, met a professor so cool. (Maybe that's just me?)


In any case, what do you guys think are my chances after the bad Quant score? :unsure:   I have a phone interview with him in 4 days. Should I address the low quant? Or not mention it at all?


Additional info: I have two masters degree --one unrelated to the field; one very relevant. I excelled in both masters. I have research experience as an 'independent researcher' who worked on contract basis with some "top" people in industry.

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