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Going Crazy...

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Hey Godwin,

Have you checked the Ohio State website? I know I never actually got my admissions letter (and i'm in the US) but I found out online that I'd been accepted.

Well, i am already ging crazy about everything. I talked to the guys at the department and they told me they've made their decision. I am not told if am reject or not and i have not recieved and form of message whatsoever. My online status says academic decision has not been made. What do i do. Waiting on this admissiom stuff is good as staying in a gas chamber. Can somebody advice me on what to do ??? I will greatful

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Guest Guest

I hear you!!!!

I had been going crazy for about 2 months....(I guess I became numb already just about 2 weeks ago...) literally I had nightmares about the admissions and my life seemed on hold...(nothing was fun ...because nothing else could enter my mind!!!) I studied almost a year for GRE.....so I had no life for more than a year now.....and I have NO offer and waitlisted at one!!!!

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